Ashland Railway

A former Santa Fe Geep sitting at the Ashland Railway's Mansfield yard. Photo by Bill Godby.

NW-2 65 (former Conrail, Penn Central, New York Central) at Plymouth, Ohio at the Plymouth Locomotive Works. This was the first NW-2 delivered to the New York Central.

65 at Plymouth.

NW-2 66 at Plymouth. Also former New York Central.

GP9 7433 at Plymouth. This was one of the Canadian New York Central GP-9's (long hood being the front of the locomotive). Photos by Bill Godby.

TDIX GP30M 4221 (being leased by the Ashland) Oak St., Mansfield, 01/28/00.
TDIX 4221 Bushnell St., Mansfield, 01/28/00. Photos by Beth Godby.

TDIX 4221 on the ASRY Yard Job interchanging with N-S at at Oak St. Yard, Mansfield, 01/29/00.
TDIX 4218 same train. Photos by Beth Godby.

A former CSX GP30M 4218 being leased by the Ashland Railway at 4th St., Mansfield, 06/18/99
4218 same location and time
4218 same location and time. Photos by Bill Godby

Ashland Railway #65 Formerly CR 9165, nee PC 9165, nee NYC 8700

Another view of the 65

ASRY #34 A Former Chicago-Northwestern GP9, converted from a high-nose

GP9 32, formerly Conrail 7432, nee PC 7432, nee NYC 7432. One of the Canadian NYC Geeps.

Trans-dynamics GP35 2912 Leased to the Ashland Railway at the time of this photo (Summer 1997), now back in service on the W&LE. Formerly Norfolk & Western 2912, nee 3541, nee Wabash 541

2912 You can still plainly see the N&W markings showing through.

Shelby Junction A drawing from the 1850's. It was known as the Mansfield and Lake Erie Railroad at that time Artist unknown

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