Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad

Caboose 1973 owned by Bessemer employee Ken Hockett, and displayed in his backyard
1973 other side
1973 end view

Many thanks to Ken for allowing me to come on his farm to photograph the caboose (and allowing me to cross his property to get to the Conrail Meadville Line which runs right by his farm).

A couple of Bessemer coil gons caught on an Ohio Central train at Warwick, Ohio:


A B&LE Zippo lighter from 1959

A Bessemer train backing south of the signal at KN, preparing to head north after picking up some cars at KN (just north of Greenville, PA, 12/12/98).
SD38-2 890 4th unit
SD9 846 3rd unit
SD18 853 2nd unit
SD38AC 867 , the lead unit
The same train northbound just going over the detector at Hartstown, PA (MP 97.1). Click here to hear the detector.

SD38-2 877 heading up a train taken on 10/14/96. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
SD38-2 877 A little bit closer. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
SD38-2 877 close up. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

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