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CSX Hotbox/Dragging Equipment Detector just east of Matthews, NC at MP 317.4 on the Charlotte Subdivision giving axle count and train length. It has since been replaced with one of the newer Harmon detectors that have become common on the CSX system (see below).

CSX Hotbox/Dragging Equipment Detector just east of Matthews, NC on the Charlotte Sub. Recorded just after being put in to replace the older Matthews detector above.
504k .wav

SD70MAC's 721 and 700 at the Cowen, WV yard, 3/99. Photo by John Plishka.

AC4400CW 82 pulling T961 going by the Bailey Rd. signal, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 12/27/98. Photo by XNJon
AC4400CW 346 2nd unit on T961. Photo by XNJon.

SD40-2 8139 Q375 westbound at the 124.8 signal, Cuyahoga Falls, 11/01/98.
SD40-2 8414 2nd unit on Q375.

GP38-2 2686 D750 eastbound, downtown Akron, 11/01/98. The former Union Station walkway is above.

C30-7 7071 eastbound at Warwick, Ohio, 10/28/98. The former CL&W line now owned by R.J. Corman Railroad (from Warwick to Dover) is seen branching off at the left. It ran jointly with the main line from Warwick west to Sterling, where it spun off to the north again.

SD40-2 8476 westbound pulling work train WO-6630 just west of Greenwich, Ohio on the New Castle Subdivision, 10/04/98.
SD40-2 8114 Second unit on the WO-6630.

B36-7 5828 westbound on the C&O, E. North St., Fostoria, 05/24/98.

C30-7 7044 eastbound at the B&O passenger depot, Fostoria, 05/24/98.
C30-7 7044 again.
C40-8W 7883 2nd unit on the train.

SD40-2M 8482 eastbound on the C&O, E. North St., Fostoria, 05/24/98.
AC4400CW 310 2nd unit on the train.

GP40-2 6081 westbound on the B&O, going into the southeast transfer to the C&O, Fostoria, 05/24/98.
AC4400CW 272 2nd unit on same train.

SD40-2 8184 on train Q397 westbound in front of the old Lawson's plant, Cuyahoga Falls, 06/10/98.
SD50 8533 second unit on Q397.

B36-7 5915 eastbound on the old B&O, about to cross the Norfolk-Southern diamonds, Fostoria 05/24/98.
B36-7 5916 2nd unit on same train.
B30-7 5559 3rd unit on train.

CSX 2645 A westbound going over Water Works Park in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with a GP38-2 in the lead

AC6000CW 600 Eastbound on Conrail train TV-204 at M.P. 165 on the Chicago line--Eastlake, Ohio 8/10/97
Technical Research Car The business car between the two AC6000's
AC6000CW 602 Look at those wings!
AC6000CW 602 Another shot of the 602

B40-8 5943 Westbound at XN siding--Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
BQ23-7A 3001 An early attempt at a wide-cab diesel from General Electric, still in it's Family Lines livery, at XN

GP38 2155 Westbound on D763 at XN siding.

EMD Slug 2224 On an unknown westbound at Summit St., Kent .
GP40-2 6420 On same train as the slug.

SD50 8575 On Q138, eastbound at Diamond St., Ravenna.

SD50 8568 On an unknown eastbound at Diamond St., Ravenna.

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