If you are thinking of contacting me regarding information on Ohio Railroads, or want to submit material for my website, I strongly encourage it.


I don't have near the time I used to have to work on the website, or answer e-mails, so if you do e-mail me and don't hear back from me in awhile, or send material for the website and don't see it on the website for awhile, please be patient as I have very limited time to work on the computer anymore. If you get tired of waiting, drop me a line as a friendly reminder, I don't mind!

Also, if you're looking for information on a relative, friend, or any person that worked for an Ohio Railroad, feel free to ask, but chances are 99.9% I won't be able to help you. I'd love to have that information at my disposal but I simply don't, and I don't know who does, if anybody. You might try one of the railroad unions, such as the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, they may have records of their members going way back to the turn of the century (which seems to be the era most people request information on).

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