The Lorain, Ashland, & Southern

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All photos by John A. Thompson, Jr. and are copyrighted.

LA&S right of way, Savannah

Sandstone culvert

LA&S bridge, background (now gone); L&WV bridge, foreground (now raised and impassible) over the old Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (later New York Central)

Erie-Lackawanna overpass, Ashland. The author is standing underneath.

LA&S bridge abutments, E28th St., Lorain. Taken from B&O overpass

28th St. overpass again, looking SW

Rail in street, Lorain, 1997

Another street, Lorain

Motel on LA&S line between Savannah and Ashland

Cottages along LA&S right of way at Spring Lake, south of Savannah

Interlocking pads still in ground at Oberlin from LA&S/Lake Shore & Michigan Southern interchange.
LSMS now bike trail

L&WV/LA&S Black River crossing north of Wellington, L&WV on left looking north

Same, looking SE

Center bridge pier, Black River LA&S xing

Right-of-way and culvert, Savannah

Former feed mill, now being converted to residence, Savannah

Mill again and right-of-way looking N

Right-of-way looking south, Savannah

Map showing LA&S (circa 1901) from Lorain south through Oberlin

Continuation of line south thru Wellington

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