Former Ohi-Rail S-2 100 now owned by an unknown road (reporting marks SCR) sitting at the deserted P&LE yard, McKees Rocks, PA, 11/08/98.
100 alternate shots.

ALCO S-2 101 on former Pennsylvania Railroad trackage, northbound at E. Line St., Minerva, cab forward heading to Bayard to interchange with Conrail, 06/02/98.

The 101 at Bayard, tied on.

An unusually long southbound Ohi-Rail train, 08/30/98:

S-2 101 at the south end of Ohi-Rail's Minerva Yard (former New York Central) at one of the numerous Arbor Rd. crossings, putting the train together getting ready to head south.

At Arbor Road but farther south where it crosses next.

At Pattersonville and once again, an Arbor Rd. crossing.

Approaching Ohio Route 9

About to cross Route 9

Crossing Route 9

Stopped at Watheys getting ready to shove some cars into the siding.

At Watheys, Mike Achhammer, engineer taking a look out the fireman's side.

Backing into the siding at Watheys.

Approaching Andora Rd. south of Wathey's.

At Andora Rd.

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