Penn Central Railroad

A piece on switching the Jensie Mine in Jefferson County, Ohio on the Penn Central Wolf's Run Branch (former New York Central) ca. 1970, from the fireman on that train Chip Syme.

Photos from the camera of Howard W. Ameling, formerly of Fremont, OH on the NYC Norwalk Branch. Captions in quotes are by the photographer.

U25B 2630 E/B with Piggy Back train. Crestline, 03/20/77.

SD45 6184 E/B with general mixed freight. Crestline, 03/20/77.

SD40 6259 E/B with general mixed freight. Crestline, 03/20/77.

F7A 1763 "with a Sunday extra and a wide load. Again I was home when I hear the whistle and wondered what was running on a Sunday". 04/05/70.

F7A 1675 "on fgt W/B thru Marion to Dayton or Cincinnati". 04/25/69.

F7A 1706 "fgt W/B thru Marion to Dayton or Cincinnati". 04/25/69.

E7 4035 "E/B Arriving Toledo Station 4-5-71".

GP9 5767 Flagging Hayes Ave., Fremont, 01/30/73.

Transfer Cab 18320 at Bellevue 05/17/74.

Transfer Cab 18213 with 2 of the crew arriving from Elyria, taken from the photographer's back yard, 10/26/68.

Caboose 19162 with the photographer's former home in the background, 04/23/71.

F7A 1731-1840-1875 coming into the yard at Ashtabula July, 1976.

E9A 271 Buffalo NY, 05/02/73.

GP20 2107 Horseshoe Curve, PA, 05/01/76.

E9A 319 on Amtrak "Broadway Limited" E/B on Horseshoe Curve 06/30/76.

F7A 1790 and 1722 Toledo 11/23/75.

GP30 2195 Toledo 04/17/77.

GP35 2286 Horseshoe Curve 08/25/74.

Morrison St. Camelback bridge, Fremont, OH over NYC Norwalk Branch with W&LE just 50' to right on lower level coming up from the Sandusky River valley. The right-of-way moves to about 100' shortly east of this point. Scene is looking straight west May, 1974.

GP7 5628 on the NYC Norwalk Branch arriving Fremont W/B at Clover Street crossing. The photographer's former home and back yard is just left of engine, white wooden frame home, just 50' to center of the rails. Only had transfer caboose with them this day 07/08/75.

GP7 5703 about to also cross Clover St arriving W/B. "Note brick street which was tarred over between then and the #5628 photo. There was a grade in the tracks from about two miles east of this point and if they had more than 15 cars in winter time they would have to double this area. The grade continued until the NYC reached the NYC Station and crossing of the LE&W (NKP) which was the top of the grade. Not sure what the grade was but enough to cause them problems from time to time". 05/20/69.

GP7 5719 "is a returning E/B (local) taken from our back door. The flagman is standing on left side of engine to flag Hayes Ave just across our block east". 07/16/73.

GP7 5775 same location only taken from across Clover St. of another E/B. 07/08/75.

F7A 17?? "N/B at Maple Grove, Ohio on the old Pennsy Carrothers to Toledo line about to cross the NKP East-West Bellevue to Fort Wayne Division". December 1971.

GP7 5712 w/b "local stuck at Clover St. crossing (Fremont) because the city crews had plowed the snow up high on the approach which then froze overnight. So next morning having to stop and flag Hayes Ave. which in this photo is about the 8th car or so back of engine. Anyway they couldn't break thru the ice so backed across the River again and dropped half of their train and left their flagman at Hayes Ave so the train could "run for it" which they did and broke thru it. After dropping those cars went back and got the rest and picked up the flagmen as they returned" January 26, 1968. (Webmaster's note: This was a mere 6 days before the merger of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad into the Penn Central Railroad).

GP40 3175 Elkhart, IN with red and white worms 08/26/70.

E9A 4042 and 4039 leaving Union Terminal, Chicago 05/27/75.

40' Box 115449 Baltimore, MD 09/20/72.

52' Box 208673 Baltimore, MD 05/15/77.

52' Box 264740 Baltimore, MD 11/06/70.

Covered Hopper 886753 Baltimore, MD 10/04/68.

Covered Hopper 888246 Baltimore, MD 10/04/68.

Twin Rib Covered Hopper 74215 Baltimore, MD 10/04/68.

Twin Rib Covered Hopper 882574 Baltimore, MD 06/04/77.

Triple Rib Covered Hopper 888700 Baltimore, MD 11/23/75.

48' Well Deck Flat 768122 Baltimore, MD 10/04/68.

40' MOW Flat Car 31341 Baltimore, MD 03/08/69.

40' Rib Gondola 509756 Baltimore, MD 10/04/68.

52' Rib Gondola 601305 Baltimore, MD 11/13/76.

Bagagge Car 9154 Baltimore, MD 04/23/78.

GMC Panel Truck Windsor, Ontario 03/08/81.

GMC Panel Truck broad side.

Quad Rib Hopper 32671 Baltimore, MD 07/01/73.

Triple Rib Hopper 482117 Baltimore, MD 02/14/73.

Triple Rib Hopper 482163 Baltimore, MD 06/22/75.

Transfer Cab 18259 Fremont, OH 04/07/75.

Bay Window Caboose 21519 Baltimore, MD 01/10/69.

Southern Region Caboose 22812 Zanesville, OH February 1968.

Caboose 23207 with red/white worms. Zanesville, OH February 1968.

S2E Electric 4710 Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GP38 7866 in Pittsburgh, 04/23/77, still not repainted by it's new owner Conrail. Unknown photographer.

Penn Central boxcar 208177 sitting in Girard, Ohio at the old Erie yard, viewable from Interstate 80, just west of U.S. 422, along with a couple C&O boxes.

PC 208177 close-up.

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