Conrail SD80MAC/SD70MAC/SD70's

Old Girl by Chip Syme.

More early Conrail images from the camera of Bob Parkhurst:

Amtrak GG-1 916 along with 926 and 914 in 2 different paint schemes

GP35 2339 Collinwood Yard

U23B 2778 Former Lehigh Valley unit

S2E Electric 4710

CR 6145

Some shots of BL tower, in Brady Lake, Ohio where the Erie Railroad's New York-Chicago mainline went over the Pennsy C&P (now N-S Cleveland Line):

#1 looking north from the Erie tracks. The PRR main is immediately below, between the tower and where I was standing
#2 looking northwest from the tracks
#3 looking east, the Erie tracks can be seen behind
#4 looking west, the Ravenna Rd. bridge over the PRR can be seen to the left
#5 looking southwest
#6 looking southwest
#7 foot of the tower, south side
#8 facing northwest
#9 looking southeast down the hill to the Pennsy (Conrail) tracks.

Union Pacific SD90MAC's on COLT, 02/24/00

I caught these beauties at the Maximo, Ohio hotbox detector (MP 89.4, Fort Wayne Line, Pittsburgh Division). They had just worked at Canton Yard at 1650 hours, and when they approached Maximo, where I was patiently waiting to get pictures, the train slowed down to a stop, 2 of the crew got off and the train pulled east, just enough to clear the road crossing. I talked to the crew and they said they were checking for a hand brake that might have been still on.

COLT at the Maximo detector just starting up again after dropping 2 crew members off

8058 up close

8058 again. The sun was pretty low, that's why the crummy reflection on the long hood

8058 with the sun behind me this time!

8008 up close

8058 and 8008

After they took care of the stuck brake, I offered them a ride up to the head end, which was at Beech St. I got some more good shots here:

8058 sitting at the Beech St. crossing. You can see the 88 signal for #2 track in the background

8058 up close

8058 up close

Photos from a wreck at Mansfield Photos by Bill Godby.

An older SD? NREX 6060 caught at Mansfield.
NREX 6060 Photos by Bill Godby.

HLCX 6312 at Mansfield. Photo by Bill Godby.

CEFX SD90MAC's on PICO at Bushnell St., Mansfield, 01/29/00.
CEFX 123 on PICO, 2nd Street, Mansfield, 01/29/00. Photos by Bill Godby.

A Conrail Mule at Collinwood Yard, April, 1982. Photo by Bob Parkhurst.

A day on the Fort Wayne Line, 06/19/99 Pictures and sound from Canton, OH to Rochester, PA.

SW-7 9072 Altoona, 05/15/77. Unknown photographer.

SW-7 8914 Pittsburgh, 07/06/80. Unknown photographer.

GP38-2 8090 eastbound, Pittsburgh, 11/05/77. Unknown photographer.

GP38AC 7808 eastbound at Horseshoe Curve, PA, 06/18/83. Unknown photographer.

GP38-2 8100 westbound helper unit at Horseshoe Curve, PA, 06/18/83. Unknown photographer.
GP38-2's 8251 and 8134 on same train, 2nd and 3rd helper units .

SD60I 5603 on PIPB westbound at 8th St. and Schwalm Ave. NE, Canton, with some very threatening skies to the north, 10/21/98.
5603 and you can just see a rainbow starting to form to the left.
Union Pacific C30-7 447 also on the PIPB.
Union Pacific SD40-2R 3290
And the rainbow really coming out, JUST after the train cleared.

Marion Tower governing the junction of CSX (former C&O), Norfolk-Southern (formerly PRR), and Conrail (former New York Central) mainlines (and also at one time, the Erie Railroad passed through). An eastbound Norfolk-Southern train is passing on the right, the tracks in the foreground are the former NYC (Big Four), the C&O is just to the left, out of the picture, and the Erie tracks are gone, but the former Erie yard just to the west is still in operation under Conrail. Taken 04/10/98.

Dunkirk Tower in Dunkirk, Ohio, at the junction of the Conrail Fort Wayne Line and the Toledo Branch. Closed, but still standing at the time of this photo (10/04/98).

Crestline Tower at the intersection of the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis (Big Four) lines. Now closed and soon to be razed for new connecting track being laid, thanks to the CSX and N-S takeover. Taken 04/10/98.

Conrail caboose 22811 sitting at CP-Rock, Steubenville, just north of the Steubenville dragger.

A load of pipe falling off a derailing flat car at CP Alliance. Video by Bob Parkhurst. 941k .avi

SD60I 5622 westbound on the former Big 4 pulling TV-6, Gore Orphanage Rd, just west of Rochester, Ohio, 10/04/98.

B40-8 5064 southbound on the Toledo Branch on train STCO at Cygnet, Ohio, 10/04/98.

Road Railer 261 westbound going by Canton Yard, with GP40-2 3378 on the head end. An old Republic Steel water tower can be seen in the distance.

Some shots of MV tower, just west of Ravenna on the Cleveland Line (M.P. 85.7). Still standing as of Spring, 1998:

MV Tower looking east. CP Rave can be seen in the distance.
MV Tower looking east.
MV Tower looking northeast.
MV Tower looking northeast.
MV Tower looking northwest.
MV Tower looking west.

C40-8W 6120 pulling an unknown westbound TV on the Fort Wayne Line 03/26/98 at CP Alliance, MP 83.2, the intersection of the Fort Wayne and Cleveland Lines.
SD60I 5584 3rd unit on the unknown TV, crossing the diamond (Cleveland Line).

B36-7 5062 pulling an unknown eastbound trailer train at CP Alliance, 03/26/98.
SD60 6746 2nd unit.

SD40-2 6480 on an unknown westbound coal train at CP Alliance, 03/26/98.
SD60 6769 2nd unit. SD40-2 6474 was the 3rd unit, barely seen to the right.
B36-7 5059 helper unit bringing up the rear.
B36-7 5015 2nd helper unit.

SD60 6774 on an unknown westbound mixed freight at CP Alliance 03/26/98, as an eastbound goes by on track 1.

SD60 6780 at CP Alliance.

C36-7 6633 pulling an unknown westbound at CP Alliance, 03/26/98. I didnít have a radio this day.
C36-7 6633 at CP Alliance.
B36-7 5043 2nd unit.

C40-8W 6213 pulling an unknown westbound along the Fort Wayne Line (could be PIIN?) at CP Alliance, 03/26/98.
SD40-2 6515 2nd unit.

C40-8W's 6080 and 6151, unknown westbound train at CP Alliance 03/26/98.

Conrail caboose 21285 sitting at about MP 60.6, on the River Line at Powhatan Point, just about at the end of the track.

F7A 1782 Former New York Central. January, 1980. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

U23B 2783 Former Lehigh Valley 507. Also U25B 2632, former PRR. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GP40 3020 Geneva, Ohio, Jan. 1979. Former Penn Central 3020. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

SD45 6097 at Collinwood Yard, Cleveland. Former Erie-Lackawanna 3632. Two of the trailing units can be seen still in their Erie-Lackawanna livery. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4854 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4815 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4825 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4838 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4861 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4862 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4868 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4870 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

GG-1 4898 at Ridge Rd.-Johnston, Ohio on the same train. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

Alco C-430 2053 also at Ridge Rd. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

SW9 8993 former Penn Central 8993 at Collinwood Yard, Cleveland. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

Conrail Locomotive roster from October 1, 1976 timetable

  • 1639 to 3874
  • 4000 to 5208
  • 5209 to 5675
  • 5676 to 6999
  • 7000 to 8402
  • 8403 to 8940
  • 8941 to 9658
  • 9660 to 9999

    An interesting power lashup on a WB Conrail train at Greenwich, Ohio

  • A Conrail ballast loco, N-S loco, and EMD in EMD paint
  • C32-8 Conrail ballast locomotive 6619 crossing the B&O...
  • ...followed by N-S GP50 7075 and an EMD loco in EMD paint (but it wasn't a ballast train)

  • A pair of ex-Conrail geeps on a WB train at MP 154 on the Fort Wayne Line, probably being transported to their new owner: Metro East Industries of East St. Louis, IL:
    GP10 7521
    and GP30 2236

    D&RGW 5361 A SD40T-2 Rio Grande loco on a westbound Conrail train at MP 154, Fort Wayne Line, just west of the Loudonville dragger

    ZWW 384 eastbound on the Cleveland Line crossing the detector at Salineville, Ohio (with a Norfolk-Southern C40-9)

    Walbridge tower The inside of Conrail's Walbridge Tower

    A pair of pretty new white Conrail coil gons At CP Alliance on train STPI on 6/13/97

    Mail 8 Eastbound at Brady Lake, Ohio just about to go under the old Erie New York-Chicago main. Taken at BA Tower.

    B36-7 5000 A set of helper units westbound at Wandle, just southeast of downtown Canton, just about to cross the W&LE diamond

    BA Tower at MP 89 on the Cleveland line, at the point where the Erie went over the Pennsy, at Brady Lake, Ohio

    An interesting lashup of power on a westbound Conrail train at CP Alliance:

  • Union Pacific C30-7 2502
  • Norfolk-Southern C40-8 8711 The Sebring dragger had just got him so he was crawling as the conductor checked the train

    C40-8W 6193 Eastbound at Beidler Road, Eastlake, Ohio, MP 165, Chicago Line (right at the Eastlake detector)

    SD60I 5621 On eastbound CSX train Q256 near the former site of XN tower, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
    C40-8W 6176 The other unit on Q256

    SEEL at MP 165 Chicago Line, totally lacking any Conrail power:
  • Chicago-Northwestern SD40-2 6892
  • Chicago-Northwestern GP40 5520
  • Southern-Pacific B30-7 7862
  • Southern-Pacific SD45-2 7428
  • Southern-Pacific SD45T-2 9366

    SD60I 5614 Westbound at CP Alliance
    LMS C40-8W 727 Westbound at CP Alliance

    SD60 6809 on train STPI with only 1 unit (but 2 helpers on the rear) at CP Alliance
    GP38-2 8243 One of the helper units on the STPI

    LMS C40-8W 700 westbound at CP Alliance pulling an unknown ore train
    B36-7 5048 on same train

    A mixed lashup of power on PIIN at M.P. 94, Fort Wayne Line:

  • SD60I 5594 and GP40-2 3402
  • Southern Pacific SD40-2 7343
  • Union Pacific B23-7 144
  • Union Pacific SD40-2R 3160 As this was my last picture on the roll, I didn't get the Conrail SW1200 you see at the right.

    Wrecked locomotives from the 07/31/97 derailment at Salem, Ohio

    C40-8W 6181 along with GP38-2's 8207 and 8220, leading train GCPI.
    C40-8W 6183 Why that one was on the rear I have no idea.

    LMS C40-8W 717 on RR261 crossing the intersection of 8th St. and Schwalm NE, Canton
    SD40-2 6462 also on RR261

    SD60 6782 on TV3 at Meese Road, Nimishillen township, Stark County, just east of Louisville

    SD40-2 6436 on TV77 at Marquette Ave., Cleveland, just east of the Cleveland hotbox detector

    SD60 6773 on ML403 just west of E 9th street, Cleveland on the Chicago line

    GP38-2 8135 on Helper 40B, 8th & Schwalm NE, Canton
    GP38-2 8245 also on Helper 40B

    SD60M 5532 on TV3, 8th & Schwalm NE, Canton
    SD40-2 6494 also on TV3

    SD40-2 6522 on TOPI, CP Alliance

    C40-8W 6075 on SEEL at Bronson Road, Olmstead Twp.on the Chicago Line
    N-S SD60 6567 other unit on SEEL

    UP SD40-2R 3160 on an unknown westbound also at Bronson Road
    UP SD40-2B 3534 and CR GP38 7717 right behind the 3160

    C40-8 6037 on an unknown westbound at Bronson Road

    LMS C40-8W 725 pulling PIPR, Bronson Road

    BNSF C44-9W 797 and CR SD60 6791 eastbound at CP Alliance
    BNSF C44-9W 797

    551 A Conrail lease unit

    Caboose 22131 and B36-7 5000, Louisville, Ohio

    BNSF C44-9W on BUEL at Berea, Ohio 07/10/97, Photo by Tim Frye

    ATSF 4037 on TOPI at Berea, Ohio 07/10/97, Photo by Tim Frye

    C40-8W 6158 coming down Garfield Hill at Seacrist Rd., just west of Salem, Ohio on train PISW, 07/13/97. Photo by Bruce Gage

    Detroit-Edison 018 on the Conrail Youngstown Line at Bradley-Brownlee Road, Fowler Twp., Aug. 1979. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
    Detroit-Edison 006 Second engine in the consist. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
    Detroit-Edison 001 Third engine in the consist. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
    Detroit-Edison 009 Mid-train helper. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
    Detroit-Edison 009 Another shot of the helper. Photo by Bob Parkhurst
    Detroit-Edison 009 And one more. Photo by Bob Parkhurst

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