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A piece on switching the Jensie Mine in Jefferson County, Ohio on the Penn Central Wolf's Run Branch (former New York Central) ca. 1970, from the fireman on that train Chip Syme.

Alliance Division ETT #2 June 2, 1918. From the collection of Chip Syme.
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Photos from the camera of Howard W. Ameling, formerly of Fremont, OH on the NYC Norwalk Branch. Captions in quotes are by the photographer.

Some former NYC Baldwin Sharks sold to the Monongahela Railway:

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1216 Brownsville, PA, 01/72.

1216 Nose shot

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1216 Brownsville, PA, 12/28/71.

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1216 Brownsville, PA

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1205 Brownsville, PA, 12/28/71

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1205 Brownsville, PA, 12/28/71

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1205 and 1216 Brownsville, PA, 12/28/71

MGA Baldwin RF-16 1210 Brownsville, PA, 06/01/69

D&H Baldwin RF-16 1216 and RF-16 1205, Whitehall, NY 06/22/76.

1216 and 1205 again, Whitehall, NY 06/22/76.

D&H Baldwin RF-16 1205 Watervliet, NY 06/10/75. Originally NYC 3805. Photo by Joe Tutsky, from the collection of Howard W. Ameling.

D&H Baldwin RF-16 1205 Whitehall, NY 06/11/75. Photo by Joe Tutsky, from the collection of Howard W. Ameling.

D&H Baldwin RF-16 1216 Watervliet, NY 06/10/75. Originally NYC 3816. Photo by Joe Tutsky, from the collection of Howard W. Ameling.

Fairbanks-Morse/General Electric "Erie-built" 4404 Huron, OH 07/53.

NYC Baldwin RF-16 3804 Cincinnati, OH 08/21/65.

NYC Baldwin RF-16 3814 Saronville, PA 02/64.

NYC Baldwin RF-16 3817 Bergen NY 04/19/52.

NYC Baldwin RF-16 3818 Cincinnati, OH 09/04/65.

NYC Baldwin RF-16 1207 Brownsville, PA 06/14/69 after acquisition by the Monongahela Railway.

NYC Baldwin RF-16 1209 Brownsville 03/22/68.

Caboose 17736 Bellevue, OH 06/15/66.

Another shot of the 17736 Bellevue, OH 06/15/66.

RS-3 5299 "RS3 was one of only two I ever saw and they were both in the same month but #5299 came from Toledo to Fremont and the #5315 RS3 came from Elyria to Fremont and returned." 12/66.

RS-3 5315 "came from Elyria as far as Fremont and return in the same day. Sometimes they both could be in Fremont about the same time, but not usually." 11/16/68.

SW9 8988 "SW9 came down from Toledo one week several days but that was all. I'm not sure but believe they soon learned that an SW9 just didn't have it for the work load they had to handle." 05/66.

F7A 1641 "main line Fgt W/B. I heard it but was late getting out so caught it going away. It had a lot of Coil cars on the front part with three F7As." 05/31/66.

E8A 4021 "Don Krofta my good friend from Fremont took this one as I was in Chicago going to a trade school at the time. They had a LOT of the NYC name passenger trains going thru this day. This was the Commodore Vanderbilt around 6AM W/B." Fremont, 05/48.

GP7 5613 "Peoria & Eastern unit which was rare for here. It came from Elyria and this is as it was returning abvout to cross South Clover St. which ran beside my home and was taken from our back door steps." 05/18/65.

GP7 5684 "P&LE unit which just finished switching chores and was coming down to get their train crossing Hickory St. to head back to Toledo. Again this was rare to get a P&LE (NYC) unit here." 11/13/64.

Baldwin S-12 8098 Clyde, Ohio 06/15/66. (Originally road number 9314, it was renumbered some time in 1966).

GP9 6011 This is one of the last series of GP7. They are coming back from switching the industrial park which shipped a lot of cars every day and is also crossing Hickroy St. 11/11/64.

GP40 3042 "Main Line Fgt thru Fremont due wreck at Sandusky, O. Lead unit #3042, with 3 F7a's. This was what was nice about living with a railroad in your back yard. Since they had to Flag Hayes Ave. I could usually catch it behind the house." 05/31/66.

F7A 1707 "Same fgt as above thru Fremont due wreck at Sandusky. It was going slow enough that I managed to drive up to the NYC Passenger station and catch it a second time with the lead unit". 05/31/66.

GP30 2388 "with another W/B due (to) the same Sandusky, O wreck which I went over and covered there also. We had two days almost of extras thru Fremont due that wreck. Nothing got by me during that time". 05/31/66.

GP35 6151 "Main Line Fgt W/B thru Fremont due wreck at Sandusky,O 5-30-66. Approching NYC Station. My home is just around the curve of the rear of train 4 streets away on the left side of tracks".

GP35 2399 "Second shot train passing me at station and stopped to pick up orders as the entire branch is train order controlled.".

GP35 6151 "After leaving the station crossed Napoleon St. and then the NKP/LE&W Sandusky-Lima line which is the track at bottom of photo".

E8A 4079 "This one has a story to it. Mail Express E/B out of Toledo. When it came to Millbury switch to the Norwalk Branch it was open to the branch and they went into same thinking something was up. But none of the crew call the dispatcher to find out and they just keep going till they got to Fremont. The Fremont agent gave them order to go on as it would have been to much to back up. I just happened to be home for dine from my mail route and caught the action. I learned later on that the entire crew was fired for NOT stopping in Millbury and use the track side phone to get their orders". 06/18/66.

E8A 4090 "This is the second shot as the train past me right behind my home. The advantage of living next to the Norwalk Branch.".

FA1 1000 "W/B out of Cincinnati, O. 8-25-63".

E7 4035 "E/B Arriving Toledo Station 4-5-71".

F7A 1675 "on fgt W/B thru Marion to Dayton or Cincinnati ". 04/25/69.

F7A 1706 "fgt W/B thru Marion to Dayton or Cincinnati". 04/25/69.

GP7 5601 flagging Hayes Avenue, Fremont 08/17/65.

GP7 5612 "Sitting at Crogham St. where at one time they had a crossing tower is a Peoria & Eastern Unit. If I remember right we got one engine for about a week and then they were changed, so hence as got a lot of different numbers". 02/28/66.

7352 "7352-7410-2372 were on a main line fgt E/B due a wreck in down town Fremont on the W&LE Div. Several N&W/NKP fgts were routed over the NYC to Toledo". 07/29/67.

F7A 1763 "with a Sunday extra and a wide load. Again I was home when I hear the whistle and wondered what was running on a Sunday". 04/05/70.

GP7 5712 w/b on the NYC Norwalk Branch "local stuck at Clover St. crossing (Fremont) because the city crews had plowed the snow up high on the approach which then froze overnight. So next morning having to stop and flag Hayes Ave. which in this photo is about the 8th car or so back of engine. Anyway they couldn't break thru the ice so backed across the River again and dropped half of their train and left their flagman at Hayes Ave so the train could "run for it" which they did and broke thru it. After dropping those cars went back and got the rest and picked up the flagmen as they returned" January 26, 1968 photo by Howard W. Ameling. (Webmaster's note: This was a mere 6 days before the merger of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad into the Penn Central Railroad).

Morrison St. Camelback bridge, Fremont, OH over NYC Norwalk Branch with W&LE just 50' to right on lower level coming up from the Sandusky River valley. The right-of-way moves to about 100' shortly east of this point. Scene is looking straight west May, 1974. Photo by Howard W. Ameling.

A few vintage photos from the Alliance area, courtesy of Virginia Bosley Gatton, whose father Clyde L. Bosley worked for the NYC:

Unknown steam locomotive and crew sitting in Alliance. Clyde L. Bosley, brakeman, is sitting on the left on the front of the locomotive. Looking for any info on this locomotive, I can find no documentation that the NYC ever had a locomotive of this type.

NYC caboose C331. Clyde is on the left

NYC caboose C3xx (possibly 331?). Clyde is on the right

Some wonderful photographs of the New York Central Xplorer train sent in to me by George Campbell, taken by his father back in 1956 in and around Columbus:

6 photographs of the New York Central Xplorer passenger train.
The four photos from June, 1956 were taken at Columbus Union Station during
a public demonstration of the (brand new) train. The two photos from August,
1956 were taken after the train was in service. One shows it passing by
Worthington, OH, the other shows an airline stewardess like attendant (they
did that on purpose!) at Columbus Union Station. Note how the car is dented
up after only two months in service! The photographer for all six was Alex Campbell.

The Xplorer was an attempt by the NYC to modernize rail travel and lure
people out of their cars. Needless to say, Columbus Union Station was
replaced by the Columbus Convention Center, highway 670 runs where the yard
used to be, and the Xplorers are long gone
---George Campbell

JUNE 1956:

Xplorer engine

Locomotive data display

Car connection

Rear end of train

AUGUST 1956:

Passing Worthington

Xplorer "Stewardess"


Xplorer train passing directly behind the Ohio Railway Museum, Columbus

NYC caboose 21515 on display at Steubenville, Ohio.

New York Central wreck Brookfield, Ohio, around July 1, 1947. Looking for any more info on this accident. Photos by Harold C. Parkhurst

#2 from the wreck

The Ohio RR Page guestbook was signed by a gentleman in Nebraska (quoted below) who originally lived near the scene of this wreck:

1999-11-02 23:18:00
Comments: Thanks for the photos from Brookfield Ohio 1947. Photo #4 shows the grade crossing where the old high grade (now abandoned) and the low grade seperate. The high grade cut right through my family farm about 1/2 mile north (direction photo was taken) on the left hand side single track. Sent links to my sister - who still lives there - and sons so they can enjoy as well.

New York Central tower Fostoria, 05/24/98. You can barely see the cigar band logo still on the building. Photo by the Webmaster.
New York Central tower logo up close. Photo by the Webmaster.

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