Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

Akron & Barberton Belt SW1500 1501 on the head of W&LE train 562 at Mogadore junction, getting ready to back down the Cleveland Sub. to work GenCorp.
1501 again

SD40 3073 working at Brittain Yard, Akron (former AC&Y). Ohio Route 91 bridge is above.

SD40 3016 at Gambrinus Yard, Canton on train #731, 07/14/98.

The W&LE Osnaburg Station in East Canton, Ohio along the Carrollton Branch, still standing at the time of this photo, 02/27/99. View from the northeast.

Osnaburg Station again, from the southeast.

SD40 3048 in it's new Rio Grande style paint scheme, pulling train 562 east just after crossing the Pennsy diamonds at Wandle--Canton, Ohio--03/07/99.

GP35 2662 pulling Z416 at Connellsville, PA, 11/8/98. VI Yard tower is behind the photographer. Photo by Matt Adams.

Z416 again going by VI Tower. Photo by Matt Adams.

Z416 farther east on CSX trackage at Garrett, PA. Photo by Matt Adams.

Z416 at the beginning of the Mance Horseshoe Curve, Mance, PA. Photo by Matt Adams.

Z416 another shot at Mance. Photo by Matt Adams.

Z416 at "The Narrows"--Cumberland, MD. Photo by Matt Adams.

Z416 passing closed Mexico Farms tower, east end Cumberland Yard. Photo by Matt Adams.

An agreement between the Erie Railroad and the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway, dated Dec. 05, 1928:


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I also have a blueprint-type map that is attached to this booklet (exhibit A). Soon as I figure out how to scan it, it'll be on here too (it's over 5 feet long!)

GP35 2654 westbound at Mogadore Junction which is the junction of the W&LE Cleveland to Brewster line (former W&LE, former Cleveland, Canton & Southern), with the lead into the east end of Brittain Yard, (former AC&Y).
GP35 2654 going right over the switch, into the yard. It was from here that the Akron Canton & Youngstown had planned on going further east, into Youngstown, but it ended up never happening.

GP35 2664 eastbound, Mogadore Junction.

GP35 2679 sitting at Brittain Yard, Akron. The turntable is just to it's right, you can see the little blue shack on one end of the turntable, and the black arch over top. This is at the west end of the yard, and to the right the light tower you see also has the antenna for the dispatcher's Akron base.
A closer shot of Brittain Yard.

GP35 2679 pulling one single passenger coach westbound thru Canton after just clearing Canton Junction, which is the junction of the Cleveland Subdivision with the Carrollton Branch, which takes you southeast thru Waco, East Canton, Minerva, Oneida, and ultimately into Carrollton, Ohio. The train is just about to cross the Conrail Fort Wayne Line diamonds at the station known by the PRR as Wandle (WandLE). To the left you can see the lower portion of the W&LE signal protecting the diamonds.

SD40 3016 on local train 562 backing eastbound (long hood forward) at Mogadore Junction to work GenCorp.
SD40 3016 another shot of the 3016.
SD40 3016 and yet another, after just clearing Mogadore Junction, and Ohio Route 526.

Wisconsin Central SD45 6611 westbound on train #262 crossing Ohio Route 153, Canton, Ohio--11/01/98
6611 another shot. This locomotive was being leased by the Wheeling at the time.

A train order from the Nickle Plate Road era (1949-1964)

GP35 2662 on train #261 westbound on the Cleveland Sub. going under the Ohio Route 43 bridge, Lake Twp, Stark County, 07/14/98
GP35 2662 same location

SD40 3046 out her first day after being Q-troned and repainted with Rio Grande style “speed” lettering, caught at Gambrinus Yard, Canton on train #731, 07/14/98.
3046 Also with SD40 3016

SOO SD40 745 Currently being leased by the Wheeling. Caught 07/12/98 westbound at Summit St , Akron on train #790. Video stills by XNJon.
SOO SD40 745 Another shot.

CP Rail SD40 6411 Also leased by the Wheeling. Caught 07/12/98 westbound going under Brittain Rd., Akron also on train #790. Video stills by XNJon.
CP Rail SD40 6411 Another shot, this time at Summit St.
CP Rail SD40 6411 Another shot at Summit St.

GP35 3045 still in it’s D&RGW livery, named the “W.J. Holtman” for a supervisor of W&LE CEO Larry Parsons when he worked for the Rio Grande. Seen at Brittain Yard (formerly AC&Y), Akron.

GP35 3045 with GP35 2660 coming up behind, eastbound on CSX trackage approaching Powder Mill Road, just east of Kent.
GP35 3045 another shot at the golf course.

GP35 3045 at Brittain Yard, with SD40 3016.
GP35 3045 same location, same day.

SOO SD40 738 At the time being leased by the Wheeling. Photo by David K. Simpson.

W&LE scale house at Tiltonville, Ohio along the Ohio River (looking north).
Same scale house looking south.

A W&LE caboose 557731 at Tiltonsville, right at the scales. Ohi-Rail engineer Mike Achhammer (left) chats with a W&LE engineer.

GP35 2662 at Tiltonsville, just south of the scales, waiting to switch the mill there.

Talking remote control switch recording at Canton Junction, Canton, Ohio 90k .wav

GP35 2662 on Wheeling train 562, backing into the east end of Conrail Canton Yard, 04/26/98.
GP35 2651 other engine on 562.

SD40 3049 Train #734 westbound on the Cleveland Subdivision at Etter Rd. approaching Mogadore Junction
GP35 2661 The second unit in the consist

GP35 2662 One of the Kodachrome GP35’s backing into Conrail Canton yard
GP35 2666 2nd unit on this train at Canton yard

GP35 2662 westbound at Mogadore Junction

GP35 2654 and GP35 2655 westbound at old U.S. 224, Suffield Twp, Portage County leading train #261

GP35 2712 westbound going into Brittain yard, crossing State Route 532, Mogadore
GP35 2691on same train
GP35 2660 on same train

GP35 2691 eastbound on Cleveland Subdivision at Spring Ave. NE, Canton 09/29/97 train #690
GP35 2691 close-up

GP35 2691 eastbound on 690 the next day, just about to go under U.S. 224, Suffield Township, Portage Co.

Track Warrant Current as of 10/31/97

Talking Hotbox/Dragging Equipment detector 139k .wav At MP 43.6, Cleveland Subdivision

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